Yoga Foundations: Twists and Backbends

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$80.00 Yoga Foundations: Twists and Backbends (April 2023)

Spinal mobility is key for good posture, injury prevention, and moving skillfully as we age. In this four-week series with Nichole, we’ll learn the fundamentals of spinal anatomy and how to strengthen and recruit all the muscles that support the spine so that we can access back bending, side bending, and twisting postures. Students can expect to: 

— Gain an understanding of the spinal muscles and the structures that help with breath
— Learn to awaken, engage, and strengthen the muscles of the spine and core to improve posture, spinal rotation and overall mobility
— Work with the breath and learn how it can impact our ability to twist, back, and side bend. 

This series is appropriate for all levels of practice but is especially well suited for beginners or students returning from an injury or hiatus.

Pricing: This series costs $80 for the full four-week series; $60 for members.

Nichole Ferrigno

Since discovering yoga in college, Nichole has embraced yoga as an anchor in her life and as a sanctuary from DC's hurried pace. She completed her teacher training at Past Tense in 2017 and you can expect to find your own sanctuary in her grounding classes that emphasize form and tuning in. When she's not in the studio Nichole works as a health coach, graduate student, and full-time mom.

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