Yoga Foundations: Balance

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$80.00 Foundations of Yoga: Balance

Did you know studies suggest a strong correlation between the ability to balance and longevity? Well, we can't promise you'll live longer, but in this four-part series with Nichole, we'll have fun playing with balancing postures. Students can expect to:

— Learn specific alignment, modifications, and how blancing poses might be be sequenced in a Vinyasa Flow class
— Strengthen the feet and ankles—balancing postures are built from the ground up
— Explore and build strength in stabilizing muscles
— Work on developing focus

This is a great way to build on Yoga Foundations, but participation in that series is not required and is open to all levels. Come prepared to wobble and have fun.

Pricing: This series costs $80 for the full four-week series; $60 for members.

Nichole Ferrigno

Since discovering yoga in college, Nichole has embraced yoga as an anchor in her life and as a sanctuary from DC's hurried pace. She completed her teacher training at Past Tense in 2017 and you can expect to find your own sanctuary in her grounding classes that emphasize form and tuning in. When she's not in the studio Nichole works as a health coach, graduate student, and full-time mom.

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