The Fourth Trimester

$100.00 The Fourth Trimester

Getting ready for a birth? This four-week health education series is designed to help you feel calm, comfortable, and empowered as you prepare for baby's arrival. Led by pediatric nurse practitioner and Past Tense instructor Leslie Lipton, we'll explore the transition to parenthood, how to support your body in the weeks after birth, fundamental newborn care, and more. Topics we'll explore include:

—the birthing experience

what to expect in your baby's first few hours and days of life 

an introduction to breastfeeding and bottle feeding

infant care

postpartum transitional wellness 

This class is ideal for expecting parents in their second or third trimester of pregnancy, or expecting this spring/summer. All individuals supporting you and your baby are welcome, including partners, grandparents, nannies/au pairs, etc. Each registration is good for one student; any individuals supporting you who wish to attend with a birthing partner can be enrolled at a 50% discount. If you'd like to enroll a partner, please email with their full name and email to complete the registration. 

Please note: All in-person classes require students be vaccinated against Covid-19.  If you (or your partner's) vaccine card is not currently on file with us, please send a photo to

Leslie Lipton

When not in workout attire sharing her love of movement at Past Tense, you'll find Leslie in scrubs, caring for her pediatric patients as their Nurse Practitioner. In her free time, Leslie enjoys running and biking in Rock Creek Park and spending time with her two wonderfully silly boys, Tobias and Gabriel.

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