Spotlight: Hamstrings (Oct 2023)

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$50.00 Spotlight: Hamstrings (Oct 2023)

This workshop is part of our Spotlight series with Rachel designed to target different areas of the body.

This deep dive into the hamstrings will teach you how to balance flexibility with strength to prevent injury and improve function. Come prepared to play and explore:

— Active ways of stretching the hamstrings to complement static holds.
— Awareness of how hamstring flexibility and strength impacts the spine.
— How better awareness of your hamstrings enhances your yoga practice and everyday movement.

Pricing: $50; Early Bird $40 available through October 25. 
Member Pricing: $40; Early Bird $35 available through October 25.

Rachel Morrison

Rachel is a dancer, yogi and strength training specialist who practices and teaches yoga as a process of self discovery to inspire deeper connection to ourselves and our world. She’s practiced on and off for over 10 years, has been teaching since 2016, and offers students a fluid Vinyasa experience focused on feeling and awareness. 

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