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$50.00 Skill In Action (2023)

Join Skill in Action Facilitators, Shakira B. Bethea (she/her) and Garrett Jurss (he/they), for a three-hour, online workshop designed to deepen your awareness of the various identities you embody, cultural conditioning and its impact on you and others, and how systems of power affect our well-being. Through asana, meditation, and discussion we will:

— explore how to harness your individual power and our collective power to make social change.

— connect with our inner fire, or agni, to gain clarity about our actions and their alignment with our higher purpose, all in-service of our collective humanity

— build a deeper connection to self, your community and all beings.

This continuing education class is aimed at teachers and those currently enrolled in a teacher training program and will include a dharma talk, meditation, asana, and discussion. 

Pricing: $50 

Garret Jurss

Garrett (he/they) is a yoga and meditation guide living on the land of the Cherokee, Catawba, and Miccosukee people colonized as Greenville, SC. He believes that yoga is a practice of liberation, and he seeks to create spaces for people to slow down, invite in curiosity, and explore new possibilities. Garrett is committed to sharing practices that help people care for themselves and their communities because he believes that everything is interconnected. We’re stronger together, and yoga can teach us how to work collectively to disrupt and dismantle the systems of power and oppression that prevent all of us from thriving and being well. You can connect with Garrett on Instagram @garrettjurss or at

Shakira Bethea

Shakira, she/her, is the creator of Rhythmic Bloom and co-owner of Opal Collective, LLC, a wellness cooperative. She practices as a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, yoga “messenger” and wellness mentor to support activists, disruptors and folks on a healing journey. Her fascination with the human body and generational trauma set her on a journey to discover the intersection of social justice and wellness. She currently facilitates workshops exploring physical and energetic anatomy to uplift queer, Black, Indigenous, and People of Culture in receiving healthcare. Over the last decade, she’s shared her time caring for and holding space for folks that are nourished by compassionate touch, intentional breath, deep thought, and connection. Her joy in collaborations gave birth to Somatic Sound Journey, BIPOC Yoga and Ancestral Connection series, and creating a wellness cooperative. Shakira’s practice is informed by her B.A. in Psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill, Massage Therapy Diploma from Body Therapy Institute, a Spirit of Learning Certificate from The Center for Embodied Education, and various Yoga Teacher Training Certifications from Heart of Yoga School and Skill in Action. Learn more about her work at

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