Happy Hips

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$50.00 Happy Hips

In this workshop with Rachel, we'll learn about the six functions of the hip joint and how to make our hips happier through mobility, stability, and strength practices. Come prepared to play and explore:

The mechanics of hip flexion and extension, internal and external rotation, and adduction and abduction.
— Awareness of how our own hips are structured and how to practice in a way that supports our bodies rather than trying to change them.
— How happy hips aid our yoga practice, life practice and a healthy spine. 

This workshop is appropriate for all levels.

Price: $50; $40 for members. Early bird of $40 available through June 21st.

Rachel Morrison

Rachel is a dancer, yogi and strength training specialist who practices and teaches yoga as a process of self discovery to inspire deeper connection to ourselves and our world. She’s practiced on and off for over 10 years, has been teaching since 2016, and offers students a fluid Vinyasa experience focused on feeling and awareness. 

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