Conditioning + Recovery for Runners

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$50.00 Conditioning + Recovery for Runners

Whether you’re a beginner runner or elite athlete, strength conditioning and proper recovery can improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury. In this workshop with Kelly, we’ll learn:

— Conditioning exercises to support the runner’s body and better tolerate the repetitive motion 

— How to utilize body weight, resistance bands, core sliders, and other props to increase strength and endurance 

— Stretches, foam rolling, and self-massage techniques to relieve tight muscles and increase flexibility 

Please bring your own massage balls (available for purchase in studio) or two tennis balls. 

Pricing: This workshop costs $50; $40 Early Bird special available through March 1.

Kelly DiNardo

Kelly discovered yoga when she was procrastinating on a writing assignment. Parked on a yoga mat, she not only cleared her writer’s block but developed a new passion. She has been teaching yoga for over fifteen years. She opened Past Tense with the hope of giving others the same strength, balance and flexibility she finds on the mat in a place that is open and welcoming.

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