Art of Breathing

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$50.00 Art of Breathing

Breathe. We do it roughly 25,000 times a day and how we do it affects us at a cellular level, impacting our mental, emotional, and physical health. In this workshop with Kelly DiNardo, we’ll learn the basics of how we breathe, how breathing impacts our health, and how we can breathe better.

What to expect:

- A short discussion about the physiology of how we breathe, including the muscles involved
- A look at how breathing impacts various aspects of our health including our focus, mood, sleep, and athletic performance
- Yoga postures, stretches, and fascia release techniques to help us breathe better
- Techniques for how to harness and regulate the flow of breath for different effects

This workshop is for anyone who wants to breathe better, whether it’s to ease allergy symptoms, improve sleep, boost athletic performance, or deepen meditation. Please bring a yoga mat, Yoga Tune Up balls or two tennis balls in a knee-high/tube sock, a pen and notepad, and lots of questions.

Pricing: This workshop costs $50; early bird special of $40 available through September 28th. 

Kelly DiNardo

Kelly discovered yoga when she was procrastinating on a writing assignment. Parked on a yoga mat, she not only cleared her writer’s block but developed a new passion. She has been teaching yoga for over fifteen years. She opened Past Tense with the hope of giving others the same strength, balance and flexibility she finds on the mat in a place that is open and welcoming.

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