Advance Your Yoga Series: Handstands

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$80.00 Advance Your Yoga Series: Handstands

In this four-week series with Sara G. we'll learn how to safely approach Handstand with confidence and joy.  Come prepared to play and to learn:

 The alignment and body mechanics needed to properly balance a handstand
 Safe entries/exits to handstand, balance techniques, shapes, and strength and conditioning drills to help you develop the strength and endurance needed to hold a handstand
 Tips and techniques on how to incorporate handstands into your regular yoga practice

This series is recommended for those who are comfortable holding downward facing dog and plank pose for about a minute, but you do not need to be an advanced practitioner to come and play.  This series will do as the title suggests—help you advance your practice.

Pricing: $80 for the full four-week series; $60 for members. 

Sara Grzywacz

Sara discovered yoga at her local gym when she was in high school. What started as a fun fitness class quickly evolved into a therapeutic practice that guides her daily life. Today, she enjoys offering yoga and fitness classes that are fun and accessible to participants with various experiences and abilities. When she is not teaching, Sara enjoys practicing handstands and Acro, trying new vegan recipes, and spending time with the people she loves.

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